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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 30: Gautier, MS to Pensacola, FL

We biked in three different states today! Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida—we covered Alabama in one day. That means we only have one more state left!!

Looks like Alabama tricked us… We had hills all the way across the state. It sure is a pretty state though. It’s amazing how green everything is, there were beautiful bridges and rivers, and the big, red, setting sun still blows me away.

My body hurts really badly. Some of my body aches, some of it has sharp pains, and the rest of it is somewhere in between. I couldn’t help but cry the last ten miles today because my body wanted so badly for me to stop.

We had another news channel come out and interview us! Christian and the camera man were really nice to us. Christian interviewed Matt and me, and then the camera guy recorded us biking down the street a few times. When Christian sends us the link to the story we’ll post it.

Matt was singing "Sweet Home Alabama" to himself today. We are both big country fans, so we have passed some of our time singing to ourselves. John Denver songs are some of my favorites to sing out here.

Pumped out 100 miles for the day. We’re projecting to finish this trip on Tuesday of next week! Can’t wait!


  1. 3 states! Look at you! You guys are so amazing. Love you!