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Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 4: Wellton, AZ to Gila Bend, AZ

Well, we got decent mileage in (78 miles), but not as far as we were anticipating for today. Matt got his first flat tire. Thankfully we had a spare bike in the truck, but Matt's worst for the day was riding the Bianchi because it was harder to ride. He patched up the tire on his other bike, so cross your fingers and hope that the patch holds tomorrow.

We both agree that our best for the day was dinner. Grandma Gina took us to a restaurant and we all shared pizza, lasagna, and a hamburger. Dinner tastes so good after eating granola bars, bagels, and fruit all day. Tonight we're staying in a pretty ghetto motel. (The alternative was a $130 room... No thank you.) It's kind of neat how small this town is--it's like in the movies. When we went to get water from this grocery store the four aisles barely had any cans on the shelves, and half of the stores are boarded up.

We made friends with some fellow motel residents. Grandma Gina brought them spaghetti from the restaurant and they invited her to have a beer with them. She declined the beer but sat out in a lawn chair talking with them for a while.

Everyone warned me that my bum and thighs were going to hurt, but my worst for the day is that my hands and wrists hurt like crazy.  I forget about the bum pains, and the thigh pains go away after the first 10 miles of the day, but my hands and wrists hurt so bad that we're going to get wrist braces when we get to a town that has a pharmacy.

Matt's beard thing is starting to get pretty wild and woolly already. I can't believe he's letting it grow out the whole way.


  1. I love checking your blog every day. Thanks for the update. :) You're both amazing!

    1. Thanks, Angi! We love all of your support! :)