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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 10: Las Cruces, NM to Clint, TX

The day started out great! Our favorite part of the day was riding through orchard after orchard of beautiful pecan trees. It almost seemed magical riding down the road with a canopy of trees over our heads and the sunlight coming through just right.

And good news... we're in the Lone Star State! (We anticipate it taking a week and a couple days to get across Texas so don't expect another state change any time soon.)

We got an interview today and some pictures taken by the "El Paso Inc./What's Up Weekly" magazine. We'll post a link to it when we hear it's up. Matt and I really enjoyed talking with Melody--the one who came to take the pictures. She was pretty surprised to learn that we didn't train at all for this endeavor and that we have a grandma cool enough to come with us. If you're reading this Melody... You really should pursue that dream of yours! Remember that you only live once! Enjoy the journey and take a couple detours on the way :)

A word to the wise: Don't try to go through El Paso on a bike. It's a friendly place, but not bike/pedestrian friendly. One 1/4 of a mile stretch took Matt and I almost half an hour to get through... We were pushing/carrying our bikes down narrow "walkways," under pokey bushes, and over cement barriers because there was no shoulder on a busy road. Let's just say it was an adventure.

83 miles for the day. We're pretty beat and excited for bed.


  1. Go team, you're doing great! Give some thought for when you pass through San Antonio and Houston as they are very busy...

  2. I'm really enjoying your "best and worst" reports. Thanks for taking time to be safe in El Paso.

  3. Amber,

    I love reading your reports. I am glad all is going well so far. I will think of you in Texas.