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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 12: Taking it easy in El Paso

Today we took it easy. We slept in but since I've been getting up at 5:00 every morning it was hard to sleep past 7:00. The motel breakfast was fun... they had waffles in the shape of Texas. Matt took a picture of his carefully done arrangement.

Because it was Cinco de Mayo, Grandma Gina took us to a Mexican restaurant for lunch to celebrate. She must be secretly part Mexican or something because she loves the food so much. Matt and I have loved spending so much time with grandma, hearing her stories, and making some fun memories with her.

Today, we also went and repaired the bike I wrecked on and bought me a new helmet in case I decide to ride again. Having not put on makeup for a couple weeks now and letting my hair air dry, I didn't look too much different from one of the guys at the bike shop (a long haired hippie guy). At least I'm still shaving right? Matt, however, has still not shaved and he is getting pretty wild and woolly.


  1. That picture has Matt written all over it and just made me miss him so much. Love.

  2. You belong on Master Chef Matt. We loved seeing that too when we traveled around Texas last year while in Austin for my internship.