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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 13: Rest Day (Sunday)

I love Sundays! Today we fasted and went to church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). Conveniently, we found a church just five minutes away. It was a Spanish ward so a really nice guy, Brother Flores, translated for us. (I am always in awe of people who speak more than one language... What an interesting concept languages are.) The members at church were very kind and their testimonies were beautiful. A lot of them are converts and expressed their love of the gospel and how it transformed their lives into something with more meaning and happiness. I know the gospel fills my life with happiness and purpose. 

When I was getting dressed for church (in the only set of church clothes I brought), I was thrilled to discover that my wrist brace matches my skirt perfectly! I had Matt take a picture. Maybe I'll keep the brace even after my wrist heals and consider it an accessory from now on.

I acknowledged Matt's wild and woolly facial hair yesterday, but Grandma Gina said I needed a picture so she took one of Matt. While we document our journey across America, we might as well document the journey of Matt's facial hair.

Tonight we also watched an amazing the CES fireside by Elder Marlin K. Jensen. He gave fantastic analogies of the sacred grove. I strongly recommend it! 

Tomorrow Matt resumes biking; I will be riding along in the truck until I feel it's safe to bike after my concussion.


  1. GUYS,you are my heroes!
    -Alex W.
    (from back home)

  2. Lots of people tell me they are following your blog, they just don't always comment. But know there are lots of people praying for your safety and success. RWLY!

  3. Feel better Amber!

    Love, Mette

  4. Speaking of blog followers, I'm one of them! You guys are sooooo cool! I love my second cousins! Amber, I hope you get better soon, and Matt, keep up the good work! I love reading your blog, it's fascinating and inspiring!