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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 17: Fort Stockton, TX to Ozona, TX

Great news: We passed the 1,000 mile mark today, ending with a total of 1,082 miles so far!

We woke up to a lot of rain this morning. After checking the weather report, we decided to wait it out until the flash flood warnings went away. The good part was that we got to sleep a little longer. The bad part was that we got started a few hours late (9:30).

When we started biking, it was still raining pretty hard. We rode through some really big puddles (and I walked around one especially deep one), but, luckily, there was a frontage road next to the highway so we didn't get splashed by any traffic. After the first couple hours, when the rain subsided, we were completely drenched!

Gratefully, the sun was out for most of the day and we covered some good ground. The last 30 miles of our ride today we were going up and down some mountains. I love what Matt told me he thinks of when he climbs a big hill; he said that he pictures he is on a roller coaster and the hill is the part where it's taking you up slowly for the fun and fast ride down :) Now, getting up hills aren't as hard for me because I'm just gearing up for the ride down!

I loved that most of our ride today was on a frontage road because Matt and I get to ride side-by-side and talk with each other. We started brainstorming ideas for our next big adventure; Matt suggested climbing Mt. Everest... I think that's a little too cold for me. Matt and Grandma Gina's bests for the day were the frontage roads. My best for the day was that my boyfriend got back from his three week trip to China so I got to talk to him on the phone. I miss him a lot!

We have a new record: 9 friendly honkers :)

We decided that being on a piece of metal in a lightning storm isn't the best idea, so we called it quits 15 miles outside of Ozona. Despite the late start to the day, the rain, and the mountains, we biked 92 miles today! It felt great after having some unexpected opposition for the past week that has set us back a bit.

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