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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 15: Van Horn, TX to The-Middle-of-Nowhere, TX

I thought Texas was supposed to be hot and sunny. There were 25 mph winds all day, thick fog, and rain. And then when it started thundering and lightning Grandma Gina made Matt quit (after 48 miles). Matt's best of the day was that he got to experience riding a bike in a rain storm... my brother is so legit! He was riding uphill most of the day too. Matt says his worst of the day is that I couldn't ride the whole day.

At one point when Matt was riding on the freeway, he heard a really loud noise behind him. He said it sounded like a semi was crossing the rumble strip and about to run over him, so he was getting ready to bail off of the shoulder into the bushes. He turned his head to look at the last second and realized that it wasn't a semi, it was a helicopter! It passed right over our heads--we guessed it was flying so low because of the fog.

Today was really frustrating for me. I rode the first eight miles and then had to stop because I had a headache which means it isn't safe to ride yet after my concussion. I spent most of the day angry/sad because I'm so ready to bike again but my brain isn't. To pass the time I sketched stuff like furniture/plant/picture arrangements and like my little bike across America doodle. I'm going to try to bike again tomorrow and hopefully get farther.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is 40% chance of thunderstorms (and a 70% chance on Thursday). Cross your fingers that the weather clears up soon.


  1. My car was in the shop yesterday and I biked 15 miles. Thought of you guys. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. You guys are so cool. If you pass through Austin, Texas at all, you're welcome to stay with us! --Sarah Arnesen

    1. Thanks Sarah, that's really nice of you guys! We'll let you know if we need somewhere to stay.