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Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 14: Fort Hancock, TX to Van Horn, TX

We cannot seem to escape problems on this trip. Today it was the truck, not the bike, that got a flat tire. Matt rode 68 miles against a headwind before the flat just outside Van Horn. When I surveyed the damage, there was this big screw looking thing sticking out of the tire. We ended up taking the truck into a car shop to get the tire fixed, and the guys fixed the punctured tire and put in on again for $14! What a steal.

Matt said that his best for the day was getting through a book and a half on his iPod. His worst is that I wasn't biking with him (how presh).
I got to experience what Grandma Gina goes through the whole day. Let me tell you, biking is more fun than being the follow car. After being in the truck for one day I think I have mastered the process.

Follow Car Directions:

If road has other traffic on it:
Wait for biker to get a ways ahead of you. Merge back onto road and pass biker a ways up but so they are still visible looking in rear-view mirrors. Pull off onto shoulder and wait for biker to pass and go a ways ahead. Repeat process. Stop for occasional food/bathroom breaks.

If road only has the occasional other vehicle:
Slowly follow biker at safe distance going their same speed (about 15 mph). When occasional vehicle comes, put emergency lights on and pull to side of road to let them pass. Go back onto road to follow biker. Repeat process. Stop for occasional food/bathroom breaks.

Thank you Grandma Gina for doing this for us! We love you and appreciate you!


  1. I love reading your blog and all the stories and miracles you see every day! Thank you for inspiring me

  2. Thank YOU, Spencer! Are you the "Spencer Ray" that gave the generous donation? It touches us to know that people care about others to sacrifice so much.