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Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 21: Johnson City, TX to Bastrop, TX

Another unfortunate morning landed me in the hospital again for another x-ray. A sprained wrist from my previous accident has been manageable because I still have my good right hand to steer and grip the handlebar even though my left hand can't do much except for push and lightly grip. This morning's sprain, however, has left me riding in the truck again for a few days...

I've always had weak ankles, and this morning when we were packing up our bags and loading up the truck, I landed on my ankle wrong, rolled it, heard a loud popping sound, and collapsed on the ground. My first thought was, "No, not my ankle! I need that to bike!" Luckily the hospital was just across the street from our motel room so after an x-ray to be safe the doctor affirmed that, indeed, it was just a sprain. After a few days of elevation and ice to hurry along the healing process, I will see if the pain isn't too bad so I can bike again.

Matt was a trooper today! It took us a while to figure out a way to maneuver around Austin, but he rode 89 miles (with a lot of hills). And since he was sick of riding the Bianci, Matt got a new bike as an investment! He looked pretty legit riding it because it has the nifty handlebars like a racing bike does. He said his back is going to be a little sore because you have to lean over a lot more on this bike, but when he gets used to it this bike will be a better ride for him.

And of course we can barely keep up with Matt's facial hair...


  1. The ROI on aerodynamics of your new bike is limited by the drag of your beard Matt! Pedal harder :)

  2. Matthew, the picture is somewhat frightening. Yet another reason to hurry and complete the journey. :)

  3. You should shave. Otherwise, you're going to have a weird suntan line on your face when you do shave! We need a pic of Matt on his new bike.

  4. Welcome to the Texas Hill Country! Hopefully you guys haven't gotten caught in the rain too much here. I hope your ankle gets better soon! --Sarah Arnesen