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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 26: Lafayette, LA to Baton Rouge, LA

Matt's whole body is basically one big bed bug bite! Poor little Matt! Because this is not Matt's first experience with bed bugs, he was able to declare them as bed bug bites right away. (Matt's first experience with bed bugs was on his mission in British Columbia--to learn about LDS missions, click here.) As usual, we had slept at a cheap motel... I guess from staying in cheap places, it was bound to happen sometime. He said they itch like crazy, and, even though he hasn't scratched them at all, they're really puffy and red now.

Here are the stats for Matt's bed bug bites:
Left hand: 11
Right hand: 10
Left arm: 27
Right arm: 18
Left leg: 17
Right leg: 4
Left foot: 3
Right foot: 1
Face: 4
Total: 93

Haha and before Matt went to bed tonight he said, "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite." It has a whole new meaning now.

Today was a hard day. We got pulled over by another policeman who told us that we couldn't ride on the I-10 to cross the bridge, so we had to find an alternate route. It added another 40 miles onto our trip, and most of them were on a levee road. On a bike without shocks, that road was miserable, and it took us hours to ride because the gravel really slowed us down. My clip-in pedal broke somewhere on the levy road, so for the rest of the day I alternated between using the Cannondale and the Bianci.

Matt's best for the day was crossing over the Mississippi River bridge. It was really neat riding over the bridge--which looks like a mini version of the Golden Gate Bridge. The red sun was setting, and it was magical looking out over the water and the city.

We rode 90 miles today, and I am completely exhausted. So grateful that it's Sunday tomorrow!


  1. Poor guy! That looks awfully painful. I started itching just looking at the pictures. You both have a lot of courage and determination! I LOVE it. :) We pray for you every day.

  2. So sorry to hear of your insectile troubles. I hope they heal fast. I pray for all three of you to be safe. (and just to clear matters, those bedbugs in British Columbia were NOT in Powell River, right? lol)

    1. No Anne, the bedbugs were not in Powell River :) I had them in Victoria when I lived in an apartment building. Thanks for your prayers!

  3. Miserable day indeed. Bed bugs are the absolute worst (I fought them in Africa). Like vampires, they come at night, when we're asleep, thirsty for blood. Unfortunately, the bites won't heal for days. I hope you have a good rest tomorrow. Love you!

  4. Mom and I are donating $93 today, one dollar for each bed bug bite.

  5. Ew that's really gross! Way to stick in there, even with all the hard things. Love you and miss you!

  6. Good Job, Matt and Amber! After going through this, you are both going to be a stronger person!