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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 23: Sealy, TX to Dayton, TX

Matt, Grandma Gina, and I got on the prayer roll at the Saint John Missionary Baptist Church! We had stopped to figure out the route, and Matt and I really had to use the restroom. We had stopped in the parking lot of a church, so Matt went to see if the church was open. It was locked but a few seconds later a guy came and opened the door and said we could use the restrooms. The man was pastor S. C. Augustus and was getting ready for a meeting tonight. When he was letting us back out of the church, we chatted for a bit and he gave us advice on good roads to take. When we were about to take off, he came walking over to the car and asked for our names so that he could put them on the prayer roll for their meeting tonight. What a thoughtful gesture!

More dogs today (which scare me now after my dog/bike accident)... we were going into Houston on some country roads (even a dirt road at one point) and had several dogs chase Matt. Two of them wouldn't stop following him, so we decided to get the pepper spray out but luckily didn't have to use it. One of the houses we went by had seven dogs sitting at the edge of the driveway, but, thankfully, they didn't chase Matt--I doubt even he could handle seven dogs at once!

Matt's best for the day was that he could ride his new bike again after getting the flat tire fixed today. His worst for the day was a buffet he and Grandma Gina went to. Haha! He tried to get me to eat there too, but, thankfully, I stuck to some fruit, chips, and crackers from the car. The food looked good, but the quality was lacking. My favorite quote from that experience is when Matt said, "I thought it was impossible to wreck spaghetti."

The swelling in my ankle has gone down a lot, and I was able to walk on it pretty well today. We went past a Sports Authority (thanks to a suggestion from Spencer Quinn) and grabbed some Pro KT tape to wrap my ankle with tomorrow when I try biking again. Hopefully it helps keep my sprained ankle from bothering me too much.

Great job, Matt, for 90 miles today (most of it in the city)! 

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  1. You guys are awesome, I really appreciate that you're doing this. It's really inspirational and uplifting for me. And having ruined spaghetti once myself, I can tell you Matt that I know how you feel and it is truly the ultimate disappointment.